YAK #2: Goal shifting

YAK, or Young Adults Konnect, is a ministry at my church headed by yours truly, that aims to incorporate all young adults within the church in the hope of ending isolation and friendlessness in this segment of the church. But not everyone was interested. Why was that?

I found, for the most part, that the people who were not getting on board did not need YAK. They were already connected; they were not isolated. They had enough friendship ties to meet their needs.

Should I be worried that those people were not supporting YAK? I don’t believe so. I’d be more worried if those that did need YAK, who were isolated, were being overlooked.

Thus it turns out that the original goal, which was to involve all young adults within the church, was superfluous to the YAK vision. The new goal is simply to reach all those who need to be reached. I need not waste my time and resources on those who don’t.

Is your ministry focus wasting resources on those who are already reached?


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Markk is an iOS developer.
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4 Responses to YAK #2: Goal shifting

  1. Pete Aldin says:

    That. Is. A. Great. Question.

  2. Markk says:

    Thanks. Pete.

    Nice avatar, by the way.

  3. themolk says:

    Great kick in the guts at the end… and entirely valid question. I think that too many churches waste (yes, waste) valuable resources tending and feeding the flock when those that haven’t yet joined the club go hungry, dirty and get locked up.

    I want a nice avatar too, but don’t want a wordpress account (I have too many already)… [SIGH]…

  4. Unblushingly says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Unblushingly!

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