Reflections on YAK – a ministry for young adults

A couple of years ago I started a new program in my church for young adults for Young Adults Konnect. The goal was to provide a place for all young adults – defined as those in their twenties and early thirties – to get together socially and build friendships, thus strengthening their ties to the church and ultimately, their walk with Christ.

This was a necessary addition to the existing setup in the church. Before the advent of YAK, the young adults within the church typically met in cell groups and also went to Sunday services. Both of these are good and vital but there was no means whereby young adults could meet with other young adults within the church that were not in their cell group. (They could have anyway, of course, but it wasn’t happening.)

The result of all this was that young adults were isolated from other young adults outside their cell group; which was OK if that cell group was vibrant, but not so much if it was not. It was simply too easy for young adults to become isolated and friendless within the church.

So the goal was simple; to end that isolation, thus strengthening the ties between young adults within the church, strengthening their walk with Christ and strengthening the church as a whole.

How has this gone so far, and why? More on this, in the next post of this series …


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6 Responses to Reflections on YAK – a ministry for young adults

  1. Pete Aldin says:

    I’m very interested in the next installment Markk.

  2. themolk says:

    As am I – I am interested in the what, how and end results of said what and how…

  3. Markk says:

    You’ve got to love teasing introductory posts don’t you?

  4. themolk says:

    So, you’re never going to post again here, are you?… 😦

  5. Markk says:

    I will. I actually typed out the whole followup post and then lost it. But since I typed the introductory one, things have changed so dramatically that it kinda won’t feel right posting it until things blow over. I’ll probably post some other stuff in the meantime. Watch this space!

  6. themolk says:

    We’re WAITING… If you people are gonna run more than one blog, at least keep up with it!

    …Some people…


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