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A non-literal interpretation of Genesis 1

The main arguments I would give for a non-literal interpretation are as follows: 1. Stylized text The content is structured into six days, with parallelism occurring between the days. The first three days are composed of the creation of empty … Continue reading

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Creation Museum opens

Answers In Genesis have spent years building a creation museum in the United States, and it has finally opened. The museum is a spectacular visual representation of the young-earth creationism viewpoint; that is, that the early chapters of Genesis are … Continue reading

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The importance of fellowship

(Below is the notes for my admittedly scrappy message on fellowship, the first message I ever delivered. Enjoy!) Are you a “lone ranger” Christian? Are you connected to a local body of believers, or is it just you and Jesus? … Continue reading

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Why Christians need churches, and “Lone Rangers” are against Scripture

Long-time Baptist blogger Centuri0n has written a post about the importance of the local church. Regardless of whether you agree with everything he says about the state of the church, there is absolutely no doubt that it is God who … Continue reading

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Our struggles are God’s training program

Recently I was pondering my own life. Specifically, I was going through it year by year, to see what lessons I could learn. Also to spot patterns, to see where God might be leading me. I spotted a few patterns. … Continue reading

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Christian teaching on relationships and resulting expectations

I’ve been through several courses and such designed to teach young people how to handle relationships. These courses had several things in mind: 1. First of all, no sex outside marriage. This is very basic stuff in Christian circles. 2. … Continue reading

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